Bible Study

Join Our Engaging Bible Study Community

Dive into the profound teachings of the Bible and deepen your understanding of faith in our vibrant Bible Study community. At Lakeside Community, we’re passionate about exploring the timeless wisdom and guidance found within the sacred scriptures. Our Bible Study sessions are designed to inspire meaningful discussions, foster spiritual growth, and cultivate a deeper connection with God.


What to Expect:

  • Interactive Learning: Engage in thought-provoking discussions and share insights with fellow seekers of truth.
  • Scripture Exploration: Delve into the rich narratives, parables, and teachings of the Bible, unraveling their relevance in our lives today.
  • Prayerful Reflection: Experience moments of heartfelt reflection and prayer as we seek God’s guidance and wisdom together.

Whether you’re new to the Bible or a seasoned scholar, all are welcome to join our enlightening Bible Study sessions. Together, we journey through the Word of God, finding strength, comfort, and guidance for our lives.

Sunday Bible Study Schedule:

Bible Study: 10:30 AM

New and Growing Believer’s Class: 10:30 AM

Mom’s in Prayer Group: 11:00 AM

Men’s Prayer Group: 11:00 AM

Come and grow in faith with us as we explore the profound truths of the Bible in a warm and welcoming environment. Join us for an enriching Bible Study experience that nourishes the soul and brings us closer to God.